Potentials of The Japanese Bitters
Japanese Bitters are useful invarious situations. It is widely used in cocktail bars, high-end sushi Izakaya (Tavern), Japanese traditional styled restaurant, pubs and bars, etc. Japanese Sake (shochu and plum wine), as well as spirits (whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, and rum), liqueurs, wine and beer will transform into a delicate flavour that Japan will be proud of. Simply by add it, make it a secondary material for cocktails, and feel the infinite possibilities to create a new flavor by adding it to the dish.
How to use The Japanese Bitters
Shiso Bitters / Bobby's Gin / Fever tree Tonic
How to
For usage, it is recommended to put 1 to 2 dashes in the cocktail, mix/stir them, and then add 1 more dash to let float. The fragrance remains until the end and adds accent to various cocktails. We have received voices from world-renowned chefs that The Japanese Bitters is used for their cooking as well.
UMAMI Stout Beer
UMAMI Old Fashioned
UMAMI Dirty Martini
UMAMI Bloodymary
UMAMI Bannockburn
UMAMI Gin and Tonic
UMAMI Moscow mule
UMAMI Shochu Sour
UMAMI Mezcal Highball
UMAMI Mezcal Negloni
YUZU Ale Beer
YUZU Gin and Tonic
YUZU Highball
YUZU Shochu Sour
YUZU Balalaika
YUZU Martini
YUZU Alexander
YUZU Whisky Sour
YUZU Wine Sprizer
SHISO Lager Beer
SHISO Gin and Tonic
SHISO Highball
SHISO Martini
SHISO Whitelady
SHISO Whisky Sour
SHISO Negloni


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